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Chip Level Training Course

Basic Hardware Training / Repairing

Computer Assembele & Parts Identity,Printer Basic Ideas,Basic Operating System,Virus,Antivirus,Internet,Troubleshooting ,Basic Networking Concepts,Soldering & Desoldering.

Diploma in Hardware

Basic Electronics ,Power Supply ,LCD ,LED ,DVD Rom ,KeyBoard ,Mouse ,Hard Disk ,Mother Board ,Soldering & Desoldering.

Laser Printer Training / Repairing

Working Concepts,Block Diagram of LAser Printer,Common Fault & Equality of Printer,PCB concepts,Control Unit,Power Unit,Lens Assembly,Scanner Device.

DeskJet Printer Training / Repairing

Basic Concept of DeskJet Printer,Assembly & Parts Demo,Dismenting & Re Assembling,Paper Fedder Sensor,Different Parts Identity with Troubleshooting,Door Sensor.

Dot Matrix Printer Training / Repairing

Basic Concepts of Dot MAtrix Printers,Mechanism,Printer Head Working,Power Supply,Processor Section,Pin Head,Refurbish,SMPS Board Concepts.

CCTV Installation / Training / Repairing

Basic Electronics,Introduction of (CCTV) Close Circuit Television,Types of Cameras, Types of DVR,Introduction to Tools,Types of Connectors,Types of Cables.

Data Recovery Training / Repairing

Basic Electronics,Physcical Data Recovery (Not detected in BIOS are main Physical problems),Logical Data Recovery (Disk detected in BIOS are main Logical problems,Hard Disk Password Resetting.

Networking Basics Courses

Basic Electronics,Concepts of Networking,Crimping Methods,Network Configration,WiFi Configration,Internet Configration.

Laptop Fabrication Kit

Get New Looks Of Laptop After Using This Kit ,Fabrication Just In Few Seconds ,No Need Of New Body,Get Training From Us,Buy Powder And Liquid For Best Price.

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IT professionals got together and decided to create a revolution of sorts in the IT hardware service industry. Their mission statement was simple – “Quality Service at Affordable Prices”.


With its flexible approach to customer handling, Vidhi Computers is able to provide the personal touch desired by the SOHO segment as well as the professionalism demanded by corporate clients. This approach has helped build a wide base of satisfied customers spanning multiple fields and industries.

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