The several reasons that lead to failure of SAN servers are as follows:

  • -- Unsuited hard drives in SAN servers
  • -- Failure of RAID rebuild process
  • -- Formatted/deleted SAN partitions or network shared volumes
  • -- System crash due to failed hardware or software
  • -- Failure of single or multiple hard drives
  • -- RAID rebuild failure.
  • -- Attack by virus, ransomware, or malware
  • -- Power outage without electricity backup


SAN data recovery cost depends on the following parameters:

  • -- What kind of damage to the SAN System- Logical data loss or data loss due to Physical damage?
  • -- How much damage it has
  • The storage capacity After complete analysis we can confirm the following:
  • -- Data Recovery possibility
  • -- Estimated time to recover data from SAN Servers
  • -- Exact SAN Data Recovery Cost
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